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break any new ground in executive action. >> the same steps that we took with respect to energy efficiency on cars we can take on building, we can take on appliances. we can make sure that new power plants that are being built are more efficient than the old ones, and we can continue to put research and our support behind clean energy that is going to continue to help us transition away from dirtier fuels. >> then perhaps is the strange culture of washington that used climate as a special interest issue relevant to environmental groups and not every living human on the planet. while there's an obsession over budget projections for 240 they are sanguin that arctic ice has decimated. no one will care in 30 years what the deficit was in 2013. quick pop quiz. what was the deficit in 1953 or 1923 or heck 1883? the correct answer is you don't know because it doesn't matter. what does matter are the molecules in the air much more than numbers on the balance sheet. the apathy on climate change extends to people that constitutes the president's base. standard liberal activists to whine t
in energy prices. it holds working families and elderly and people on fixed incomes to a hold because that's a crucial component is equity. 40% of the revenues goes into helping finance the tools that families need to help them avoid their access to or their reliance on fossil fuels. financing mass transit option. making it easier to finance renewable energy deployed in our communities. these are the sustainable energy investments -- >> that create jobs. make the air cleaner. >> absolutely. $5 billion a year for weatherization assistance so our homes are more energy-efficient. a billion dollars a year for job training for folks to get jobs to do that weather san diego. it creates jobs. >> absolutely. >> bill, are you setting up -- is the movement setting up keystone as a kind of defining moment and if keystone actually does end up being okayed what does that do the energy of the folks that are going to come to the mall that have been participating in what is a very sizable energetic and well organized movement? >> well, look. it's politics is one thing. physics is another. the reason we're
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2